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Mykonos, USA


At the very beginning of the financial crisis and then the economic crisis which harshly hit Europe, Sarah Trouche is in the United States. She is getting worried about the fate of Greece, cradle of democracy, whose status is under question. Other member countries wonder whether Greece has to leave the Community zone or not. If Greece is putting aside, then who’s next? Those are the foundations of the community which are shaken. Then, the artist decides to represent a European body, painted in blue, wrapped in a blue flag. She questions the concept of the United States, whether it is in North America or in Europe (Victor Hugo spoke about the United States of Europe), and gets her inspiration from the face of the Statue of Liberty. Into the flag were cut up seventeen blue stars. Seventeen stars representing seventeen countries being at the origin of the Schengen area. Sarah Trouche decides to insert them in white frames and to hang them on the wall. Frames are marked by blue painting, this latter becomes her footprint. After having given them a protection and an exhibition, frames are finally arranged to the ground. One after the other, glasses in window frames are broken. Each their turn stars are assaulted, just like member countries whose future is humanly and economically destabilized. In Parallel, the artist tells us about the damages of the crises whose unpredictable consequences exceed us and affects us permanently.

Julie Crenn
Curator Fountain Art fair
Armory regiment NY