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      _MG_5516   Les cannibales, performance, 2017

Performance«Aral Revival», Kazakhstan

Le projet Aral Revival est un projet artistique réalisé en diptyque et engagé pour la reconnaissance et la sauvegarde de la mer d’Aral au Kazaksthan.

En 1918 l’assèchement de la mer d’Aral est planifiée par les autorités bolchéviques afin d’engager un programme intensif de culture du coton au Kazakhstan et en Ouzbékistan.Les fleuves Amou Daria et Syr-Daria qui alimentent la mer sont détournés et provoquent en moins d’un siècle un assèchement de près de 80% de la mer provoquant la disparition des 28 espèces endémique dela mer d’Aral. Le Kazakhstan souhaite aujourd’hui mettre en place un projet écologique visant à remplir la mer desséchée. Le premier volet du projet Aral Revival a été réalisé en 2013 à Aralsk, ville anciennement cotière et aujourd’hui isolée au milieu des steppes Kazakh.La ville a vu son économie et sa démographie s‘effondrer à mesure que disparaissait la mer. Les
objectifs étaient d’aller à la rencontre des habitants restés sur place afin de recueillir leur témoignages et d’engager une question/conversation sur l’hypothétique remontée des eaux par la réalisation de deux performances dans un des nombreux cimetières aux bateaux d’Aralsk (...)


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Performance«Nomad», Sahara 2014

Lacan in the Sahara Sarah Trouche
or the performativity of the Other

Sarah: etym, From the Hebrew, Sara, “princess”

Sahra: etym, From the Arabic, “brunette with a
tawny complexion”

Sahara: etym. From the Arabic, sahra, “desert”.

Sarah Trouche, a visual artist and performer, has fully integrated her artistry into the economics of the globalized art world by, paradoxically, focusing for the most part on the outskirts of the global village. Her journeys are therefore motivated by the will to meet the “other”, to discover minorities and make their voices heard in the larger mediatized world from which they are slowly being evicted by the global culture. In her last series, Actions in Sahara, she joined a nomad community in the desert where she devised three performances whose central thrust is to highlight those lifestyles. Staying true to her tried and tested mo., which reconciles esthetic formalism and political commitment, she performs her actions naked, wearing a chèche (their traditional headscarf), entirely painted in indigo, which is the color of their linen clothes. Inchallah, the first performance, consists in piling up miniature blue mosques, echoing an unsteady building blocks game, thereby underscoring the frailty of religious ideology. For the second performance, Nomad, she turns herself into the stanchion of a tribal tent, which she pitched then undid using her scarf and some posts, thereby paying tribute to alternative conceptions of habitat. Drawing Landscape, the last performance, borrows its esthetic from land art conventions: upright and motionless, positioned in the center of a circle delineated by a speeding four-by-four, she faces an artificially-created sandstorm, thereby poetizing the evolution of those sandy landscapes in constant rearrangement. Her work comprehensively depicts the dissonances of a fast-mutating world, torn between tradition and modernity, between micro and macro paradigms, between a growing global standardization and the hotbeds of resistance to the former. At the threshold of physical and mental frontiers, Sarah Trouche positions herself as a watchdog against contemporary dangers, deploying an informed and opinionated body of work that denounces the failures of globalization and the collapse of our respect for each other’s differences that it engenders (...)

Florian Gaité

Solo show at Vanessa Quang Gallery Solo show, Vanessa Quang gallery, Paris, France Curator: Madeleine Fillipi, March 2017. Performance in Fondation Ricard Performance, Fondation Ricard, Paris, France, Curator: Christian Alandete, April 24th, 2017. Performance in Paris Performance, ArtstudioK, Paris, France, May 2017. Residency at Fondation Zinsou Residency and performance, Fondation Zinsou, Cotonou, Benin, September 2017. Residency and LA art now, BBAX Gallery Residency and LA art now, BBAX Gallery, Bergamot station art center, Santa Monica, USA, Curator: Marisa Caichiolo, October 2017.

Protagonists The invisible Pavilion Kazakhstan

As part of the 56th Venice Biennale of Arts (May 9 - November 22, 2015), IADA is organizing an informal Pavilion in an artist’s studio format. Upstream from the Biennale, seven kazakh artists’ works on the theme of the Protagonists will be conceived. They will be presented during the professional days of the Biennale, an opportunity to check the vitality of the Kazakh art scene, whose pieces have already been exhibited during the 55th International Biennale of Arts for the One Step/pe Forward Project,

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Sarah Trouche «Seriously all the world's future?» Durational performance Venezia, 2015

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