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   The Winter Story in the Wild Jungle Company aims to promote artists in dance, performance and contemporary arts. Its fundamental principles are pluridisciplinarity, hybridization of practices and transversality, field of possibilities, but also experimentation through creative processes.
The Company collaborates with networks: creative spaces, demonstrations, reflections and exchanges around the world.

To find out more about us : https://sarahtrouche.wixsite.com/winterstory




"I just hope that I can be good at the show."

-Nomi Malone in Showgirls, Paul Verhoeven, 1995

The performance "womanist" proposed by the artist Sarah Trouche, with the choreographic complicity of Wynn Holmes, and textual author Émilie Notéris, revisits the history of art by proposing a parade, "SCROLL", actions made by women from 1913 to the present day.
"Womanism" is a term coined by Black Feminism writer and activist Alice Walker, to highlight the contribution of all women to society, not to be reduced to the unique contribution of white women in the first wave: " A womanist is to a feminist what violet is lavender. The color violet is the one that, retained for its hue, is expressed here in the body of the text, manifested in the form of streamers.
Sarah Trouche starring pole dance dancers (Emma Lacambra, Tatiana Swani, Malva Van Dark, Pricilla Roussel, Maria Clark and Zoe Duchesne) whose lascivious choreography identical to that of the work of gender and gender at work mute in manifestation, in motion, in performance. The historical textual process responds to the movement of movements, the strikes of repeated legs, the lifting of bodies.

Text by Emilie Noteris

With the support of the SAKURA Foundation


I want to frame you within me "

Collaboration with Jocelyn Chua 
Goldsmith university London